Believe In Love

 I've always tried to believe that romance is real. As children romance and the idea of love is put into our minds by the fairytale's. The princess always gets rescued by the handsome prince and they get married and live happily ever after. When we grow up we realise Happily ever after rarely exists. Too many marriages break up after only a year a two, people fall out of love, have affairs, become abusive, self destructive the list is endless. Yet among all of this there is little flickers of real romance. 

Tonight I was taking my dog for a walk around the block, it was drizzling with rain and really quiet around. A couple in their mid to late thirties or perhaps older were standing in the street, in the rain, holding hands. The man took hold of his woman and said 

"Darling, I just want to make you happy, if it'll make you happy to get married then let's get married" 

It was such a lovely romantic moment. He was so sincere with her. It was beautiful. You see romance is there if you just look for it. No matter what we choose to believe in life always believe in love. 

If your reading this and it's made you think of someone, maybe it's someone you like, maybe your afraid to tell them how you feel, you could be afraid of your feelings, or it could already be your lover. Tell them now how you feel and how much you love them.


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