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When you write, mostly words come rather quickly. When it comes to writing about myself it's a little different.

So to start off with my name is Teri, at least that is what everyone has come to call me over the years. It's not quite my real name but it is the one I have become known by so I'm sticking with it. To be honest I've been called Teri for so long that when I see my full name on my passport or driving license I sometimes wonder who's I have. 

I grew up in Greenwich in South East London but my family heritage is Cherokee (Native american) & Irish on my Mother's side and English on my Fathers. I come from a large extended family and have family in the USA, Ireland and across the UK. Ironically I don't really know many English people, apart from people I went to school with. My circle of friends are very culturally diverse Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Spanish, Slovakian, Croatian, Italian, American. Strange fact I clearly don't go for English men as everyone I have dated has also been foreign. What can I say? I like a bit of variety. 

I left school very young at the age of fifteen and went straight into college. When everyone else was studying GCSE I was studying A-levels. I've been to university twice. I initially studied Music Business at Trinity Laban conservatoire of music & dance. I later returned to University Of Greenwich and studied Business enterprise at their business school. 

 In 2006 I launched my first  business, a small music business where I worked with up and coming artists. 

In 2008 I decided to take a break from Music and focus on Photography.  Another subject I studied back in college. I went onto work as a photojournalist with BBC News, BBC London News, Sky News, ITV news, BBC Weather. I was also working with local newspapers around SE London including Greenwich Time, Metro and Evening Standard. I continued working freelance for a couple of years. 

In 2009 I went back into music to work with a successful rock band for an upcoming world tour. I was hired as assitant tour manager and ended up staying with them for more then ten years. I went from being assistant tour manager to co-band manager. I'm still involved with the same band but take more of a backseat at the moment. 

Over the last few years I have focussed more on management, instead of working solely in music I have been working with models, musicians and public figures.  

Since 2012 I have been a writer. I decided late in 2012 to write my first novel, the following year I wrote my second novel. I have been fitting in writing with my other projects. I work freelance as a copywriter and am currently working on two seperate books. I'm taking time out at the moment to focus on myself and my writing. 

I love animals and have always been surrounded by them. I currently have Phoenix my little sidekick who is more often then not by my side. 

I also have two cats Starla-le-luna and Cymmi-lio who I adopted in 2017 from a rescue centre in Egypt. See even my cats are foreign. 

I love gardening and being out in nature, my garden is a little wildlife habitat. Everything I grow is beneficial for the bees and butterflies. I feed all sorts of birds in my garden. I am a vegetarian and try to lead a healthy and natural lifestyle. 

Since January of this year I have been on a fitness binge and am really enjoying getting fit through Yoga, Fitness and dance.  

As always you cann keep up with my antics on Instagram @teriwarke and if you are into pets check out my pet blog over at www.thepicklepalace.net



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