Slightly Odd Beauty Tip

How many times have you done a perfectly good manicure and your nails are looking in great shape for you to suddenly get a painful split halfway down? 

We've all been there, and they are really annoying. You keep catching them on everything, then they hurt and bleed. Your only option really is to bite the bullet and pull them off, which again hurts. 

This week I've found three of these splits and each one has been a pest. Until I discovered a clever way of fixing it. It's a repair job, it'll hold the split in place until the nail has grown enough for you to just cut it off. So next time you get one of these pesky splits try this simple fix it method. 

  • Remove any old nail varnish 
  • Take an unused teabag and cut a corner off
  • discard the tealeafs in the bin, or tea strainer.
  • cut along one side of the teabag and open it up to a flat piece of paper
  • cut a small section off
  • place the small section of teabag paper you just cut over the split in the nail and gently apply a coat of base coat or nail varnish over it. 
  • allow to dry and apply another coat followed by a top coat. 
  • once all the nail varnish is dry you should be left with a smooth nail with the split and paper cleverly concealed underneath. 
After one coat it will look like the paper sticks out but after applying a second heavy coat it'll blend in and be unnoticeable. 
if your nail varnish chips or the paper comes off repeat the process but it should be held on pretty tight if you've done it right.



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