The Twin Flame Relationship

 This post is going to seem a little out there to a few people reading this and not so long ago I'd probably have thought the same. But really when you think of it doesn't it make a lot of sense? That we all have an other half of us and when we meet we're a complete. This week I've read a few things about the twin flame relationship and seen it crop up quite a few times. Pictures? Signs? It was enough to make me curious. 
This quote in particular stands out to me. Recently whenever I check my phone it is double digits on the time 11:11, 20:20, 15:15 etc.

"Reoccurring numbers or repeated number sequences are are common occurrence within twinflame connections" 

For as long as I can remember my favourite number has always been 10.  So it's probably no coincedence that I was supposed to be a September baby and arrived in October. Now that I come to think of it 10 has cropped up alot recently.

Tonight I've done some research on Twin flames. I'm going to share it here with the source and a link if anyone wants to check them out. It's certainly food for thought...... 

Taken from:

"Upon first meeting one another there is an instant connection and immediate bond. The feeling is as if you have known each other before and there is a feeling of familiarity. Whether you have both met in physical person or not, there is usually a peculiar sensation--an intuitive knowing--that you will play an important role in each other's life. 

Telepathy is more common and even natural within twin soul connections. Telepathic communication occurs frequently as each twin can sometimes pick up on the other's thoughts or feelings. Twin flames often reflect each other's moods and can feel each other at a distance. Whatever is effecting one twin, whether mental, physical, emotional or spiritual, often effects the other. 

The eyes are the windows to the soul. When twinflames gaze into one another's eyes there is a profound intensity. Making eye contact with your twinflame can feel unusual at times because it is as if you are staring into your own soul; what you feel often depends on what aspect of your own soul your own soul you are seeing--anything that is being repressed or that needs to be healed will also be felt and reflected through the eyes. 

Moments when there is a overwhelming feeling of unconditional love. The feeling can be felt very intensely in one or more of the chakra centres, especially the heart chakra. The love can be absolutely explosive and expands one into a feeling of oneness with their twin, and this feeling is often expanded to encompass a feeling of spiritual oneness with all things. The chemistry between the twins can be extremely powerful. There are moments of complete certainty that they are meant to be in each others lives for a reason, no matter what, and that there is a higher purpose for their union with one another. 

All emotions, whether negative or positive, is amplified between twin flames. Feelings are often exaggerated compared to other relationships. When things are good it feels incredibly good! But when things are not going so well, the feelings can be incredibly painful. There is more emotional and energetic intensity between twinflames because things are felt on a soul level. Since twinflames are often empathic with one another, it can become an overwhelming emotional roller coaster at times when they are absorbing each others emotions alongside feeling the intensity of their own. 

Reoccurring numbers or repeated number sequences are are common occurrence within twinflame connections. The 11:11 and other number synchronicities are also a common feature. There may be similarities and synchronistic patterns found within each of the twinflames birthdates, anniversaries, addresses, phone numbers, anniversaries and major life events. 

Both twinflames may have unusual dreams involving the other and telepathy often occurs between twins in the dream state. Many twinflames have shared or reoccurring dreams of one another, often prior to actually meeting their twin. Major themes in the twinflame relationship or issues that must be worked on together or in the individual life of one of the twins is often featured in dreams, and even in day dreams or visions. 

Separation is a common theme in the twinflame relationship. There is usually a swinging back and forth from reunion to separation. The separation either occurs because of distance or an inability to be together in the physical for one or more reasons. Often the separations can occur if their is turbulence within the relationship due to unresolved emotional baggage that one or both of the twins is carrying. The reunion takes place again when healing is ready to occur. There is an intense repelling and magnetic attraction that takes place between twins; a pushing and pulling which indicates that much healing work still needs to be done before a permanent reunion can occur. 

The twinflame relationship changes your life. Each twin is transformed in many ways throughout the connection. The twinflame relationship challenges each soul to grow and expand into their highest potential to fulfill their mission and purpose on the planet and in each others lives. This constant changing and expansion can occur quote frequently and rapidly within the twinflame relationship. Often it is so intense that one of the twins may run from the relationship, or there may be difficulty in being together for long periods of time. 

Twinflames are connected even at a distance. Telepathy and empathy are common between the twinflames. Each twin may pick up on the others thoughts they may find themselves often calling, texting, or emailing around the same time, and also finishing each others sentences. Synchronicities and unusual parallels often occur within the lives and daily events of each of the twinflames. "

It doesn't seem so out there now, Right? 
So how do you know if you've found your twin flame? These signs were posted on alot of different websites. They all posted the same signs so I'm unsure of the original source. 

Twin Flame Signs and Stages

1. Instant Recognition
You meet eyes with your twin flame for the first time and feel that you recognise them in a deep way despite never having seen them before.  Even their voice or laugh may sound familiar.

2. Love at First Sight
After meeting and perhaps from the outset you both feel a very powerful and strong bond that you have never felt before with anyone. This can be physical but also goes beyond that, a love to the very core of the other.

3. Unusual Meeting
Twin flames tend to report that they met under strange and unusual circumstances or coincidences, perhaps both doing something you would not normally do.

4. Separated yet together
Once together, the two of you become inseparable and when you are separated for any extended amount of time, you both feel lonely and empty, yet in another way you feel some kind of cord linking you telepathically or at least empathetically (where you are in tune with each other’s emotions.)

5. I know what you are thinking!
Twin flames will frequently find that they know what the other is thinking, even sometimes when far apart from each other.  A look between you can communicate so much even though you don’t really know how it works.

6. Spiritual Awakening
This one of the more common twin flame signs. You begin to notice new things about yourself and the world around you, and think about life in a new more positive way.

7. A Divine Purpose?
Often twin souls find that together they have a strong desire to go and help other people in a meaningful way, usually as a team.

8. You can say anything to each other
Similar to soulmates, another of the twin flame signs is that you will find you can talk together for hours and houses, but particularly with twin flames there are no communication barriers between you and the relationship feels totally upfront and open. You feel as if the level of friendship and intimacy is unlike anything you have ever experienced.

9. Sexuality
Not only is your sex good and passionate (as it would hopefully be with a soulmate) but also you feel that that having sex with each other is a sacred, almost religious act that expresses the amazing love you feel for each other, in a way you never knew before.

10. Completeness
Finally more than ever before in your life, you feel a sense of completeness that goes beyond what you ever thought possible.  You grow closer and closer, becoming more and more like a whole, yet still keep your individual identities. This twin flame stage can only really happen if you are a complete person within yourself so don’t neglect your personal and spiritual development if you want to meet and be happy with your twin flame.

Another 10?  How weird even the word Twinflames has 10 letters. Is something trying to tell me something this week?


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